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Our Story

On April 1, 2011, after a season of wrestling with the Lord for what He had next for me and my family, I became aware of His presence and His Spirit encountered me. Out of that encounter the Lord spoke these words to me, “Prepare a place, to prepare a people for My presence.”


“Prepare a place, to prepare a people for My presence.”

I have been on a Spirit-led journey since that encounter.After the April encounter my wife and I were caught in a prophetic whirlwind in which the Spirit of the Lord revealed and confirmed repeatedly what He had shown to us in April.

There was no denying the direction the Lord was sending us in, but there were and still are many unknowns.I knew the Lord wanted us to plant a church and that it was to be called Church at the Airport, and would be planted near the northwest corner of our city, however it was more than a church that the Lord revealed to me.

I saw the Lord wanting to raise up a community of believers here in Tallahassee that would prepare for an end time awakening and ultimately for the second coming of Jesus Christ.Reaching the harvest in crisis is the next great wave the Lord is moving upon. He is looking for people who will take Him at His word and restructure their lives to live the Sermon on the Mount: to fast, to pray, to give sacrificially and prepare our hearts and minds for the greater works and the largest ingathering of souls humanity will witness.

The western church has become many things that the Sermon on the Mount lifestyle cannot be. At Airport Church, we have thrown out man’s agenda and we have embraced humility and a pursuit of the knowledge of God.  

There is a great price to pay in the pursuit of the knowledge of God. We have committed to follow after the Spirit’s leading rather than choosing man’s reasoning, which can so easily lead to covetousness and an air of entertainment. There is much at stake. Souls hang in the balance. A harvest of souls.

Noah prepared for 120 years for a flood and no one on the planet had ever even seen rain before. Where are the ones that will sacrifice their reputations, their careers, and their lives in order to prepare? I believe they are here, even now, in this city, wrestling with dreams, restless in their conformity.

I believe they are sensing a nudging of the Lord that something is coming and there must be a preparation the same way that John was driven by the Spirit to prepare the way of the Lord. Why all the shaking? What is coming? He is coming. Jesus Christ is coming and He is desiring a people that will prepare for His return.

Regardless if He returns in our lifetime or our children after us, He wants a people that will, in faith, prepare now. Will you come and help us prepare a place, to prepare a people, for His presence?


- Pastor John Todd Jackson