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John Todd Jackson, September 6 2018


Part of fallen human nature is the drive to wrongly prioritize prayer behind our prideful need to feel like we are doing something. So in our doing that is absent from prayer, we usually expend unnecessary time and resources and our 'helping' God has quite an expense. 

Greater dependence on the Father, through the Son, and by the Holy Spirit only comes when we prioritize prayer above our need to do or be seen doing. But that requires accepting the feeling of helplessness and weakness from not doing anything. All of this stems from the lie of the enemy that prayer is not really doing anything. What a lie!

Do not believe the lie! The greatest thing we can do is pray. The most powerful idea is prayer. The genius strategy is not to plan and do, the genius strategy is to pray first, listen second and only do as the Holy Spirit says so.

So what's really at stake in the heart of this struggle is that the unseen activity of prayer can leave us as being seen by people as not doing anything. There it is. Pride! What a trip.

We can pray before the fall or after the fall. If pride keeps us from praying, there will certainly be a fall. So stop your pride driven action and get on your face before the Father and pray. Get the mind of the Spirit. Get the Father's answer. Stop worrying about how your friends, family, and co-workers may view you for "not doing anything". Get in your prayer closet.

Written by

John Todd Jackson


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